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For students and teachers of A-level Physics
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For students and teachers of KS3 Science
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For students and teachers of KS4 Science
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Science in the news
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Revision resources
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Examples of science lesson plans
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Don’t take things at face value…apply Science !
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Science Quotations

Global Matters now open on Dr.Overy’s KBase



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Environmental Issues
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Health Issues
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Food Issues
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Energy Matters
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Amazing Places (travel)
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Amazing Plants
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Amazing Creatures
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Space Travel and Discovery
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Increased human population
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New technologies
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Global Matters: Politics
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Think Global: Business
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Poverty Matters
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Citizenship Resources

Summary of latest revision quizzes for A-Level and GCSE Physics



GCSE Physics

Waves :

Light and Sound

IGCSE Physics :

( Previous GCSE Activities/Resources)  :

A-Level Physics

Atoms and Radiation :

Electrical Circuits :

Electric Fields :

Forces and Motion:

Equations (Flash Player required)  :

The pdf version is  here:

Dr.Overy’s KBase now open

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YouTube Videos for Education


YouTube Education  provides a large collection of videos for teachers and students 

Free Multimedia Resources for Teaching and Learning

Here is a an excellent  review of free multimedia resources for use by teachers and students

NextVista library of free videos for education

Next Vista 

NextVista provides an an excellent collection of free videos for teachers and students. These free videos for learners are made by students or teachers around the world.

Here is an online community willing to share educational videos . All  videos are screened for  inappropriate and inaccurate content.

There are three main video classifications that Next Vista uses.

1. The Light Bulbs  category provides a collection of videos that teach you how to do something and/or provides an explanation of a topic.

The Global Views   category  provides a global focus, with the aim of  promoting understanding of cultures around the world.

3. The Seeing Service    category proves examples of how people are working to make a difference in the lives of others.

Great Classroom Tools

Here is an excellent summary of useful educational resources for use in the classroom 

and another set is located at

Produced using Symbaloo     :

Symbaloo allows you to

  • Discover pages with the best links about a subject
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Interactive Science Activities using Hot Potatoes

Hot Potatoes is a powerful resource for producing a range of interactive activities.

All you need to do is enter the data for your exercises (questions, answers, responses etc.), and press a button. The program will create the Web pages for you, if needed. They can then be uploaded them to one of our websites.

Alternatively, you can PRINT paper versions of your exercises. The choice is yours.

You can include your own images, or images from our Image Galleriers, such as . This will eliminate any problems with copyright issues.

Hot Potatoes is free for use by state educational institutions which are non-profit making, on the condition that the material produced using the program is freely available to anyone via the WWW.

Download the software from

The tutorials are provided in the software. OR You can access the online tutorials at


Interactive Revision (24/7 Access) Here is a number of quick starters/plenaries, or whatever you need to use them for (AfL) . Complete Zip Packages (B1a1 and B1a2)…includes web versions and Hot Potatoes versions.

They can be installed o­n any computer. Hot Potatoes is NOT required if you install the web version (htm files)

Web versions (online) can be accessed here… 








Physics Topics Heat Transfer (Cloze Test) 

Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer ( The Vacuum Flask: Multiple Choice)

Renewable Energy (Cloze)

Electromagnetic Waves (Drag and Drop)




Life Care


Radiation and Life (1)

Food Matters (1)

More examples of science activities :     

located on  

Science UPD8


Science upd8 is a partnership from the Centre for Science Education and the Association for Science Education.

Established since  2003,  Science upd8  has been developed to build motivation to learn, and improve scientific literacy..